J.K. Fenner
Corporate Video

Glorified the Capabilities of a leading
Manufacturing Company through a Crisp Video

JK Fenner, one of the leaders in Mechanical Power Transmission and sealing is a 150 year old manufacturing giant. The client wanted us to quickly do a video to showcase their core capabilities and infrastructure during the International Automobile Conference (AAPEX 2015) to be held at Los Angeles. They wanted the video to be running in their stall.

As the video is made with a purpose of expanding the foot prints of JK Fenner, we have zeroed in on the theme 'Expansion' for the video. We have shot the manufacturing facilities, their processes and core team extensively. For the first time for the client, we have shot the entire facility from a top angle using a 'drone'. We have deliberately avoided giving any voice over as the video is going to be run in an expo, where the chances of people listening to voiceover is very limited. Expectedly, the client was very satisfied with the output and our ability to complete the video in very short time.

Infographics Video

Demonstrated the uniqueness of a
Luxury Cab Services Provider Using Motion Graphics

Beecabs, is a luxury cab services provider. The company offers luxury chauffeuring services to customers using a fleet of sedans and luxury cars. The cab can be hired from Travel Desks of several leading 5 star hotels and other luxury collection hotels. The cars can also be hired using apps and telephone. The client is an ambitious player in the industry registering phenomenal growth. They wanted us to do a elegant and crisp video that can appeal to their elite audience. The client is very clear about not showing anything cliché.

We have decided to do a complete motion graphic video as it can help beat the cliché and present the client in a new light. We used crisp and fast editing to highlight the service quality and timeliness of our client. We highlighted all positive aspects of the service and customer benefits using smart graphics and crisp script. The output turned out to be a engaging one, as wanted by the client. It was a satisfying experience for our creative team and our client.

Corporate Video

Demonstrated the significance of using
Using Creative Teaching Aids

Ankidyne is a leader in the South Indian creative teaching aids market. The company produces several teaching aids and scientific models to help school kids understand scientific concepts comfortably. The company enjoys strong presence in over 35,000 schools across the country. Ankidyne wanted to create a video to present it to potential investors during the GLOBAL INVESTORS MEET held at Chennai on September 9th & 10th, 2015. As the product is not known to many investors excepting those involved in education, the client wanted us to create a strikingly different video that can appeal to investors.

We have scouted for a right school environment with all facilities to conduct our shooting. We were focused on showing happy kids, real time usage of creative teaching aids and display of as many teaching aids as possible to showcase company's years of hard work in producing so many teaching aids, as most of them are indigenously developed. We allowed an experienced teacher to take her class and shot the video as the class went along. And all the students shown in the video are real and no actors were involved. This made our video lively and authentic. The client expressed great satisfaction with the output and we too had great experience interacting with school children and committed teachers.

Corporate Video

Showcased the complete operations of a
Marine Ingredients Manufacturers & Exporters

Yashaswi is a renowned marine ingredient manufacturers and exporters. The company produces and exports highly nutritional and protein-rich fish oil and fish meal. The products are being exported to several countries across the globe. Yashaswi wanted us to create a video to showcase their world class manufacturing, process, storage and transportation infrastructure. They wanted to the video to appeal to importers across the world. The brief is clear; a world class video that should be detail oriented and showcase the company in positive light.

We hired special cameras and crane to shoot the facility from a good height. We elaborately covered the every aspect of manufacturing and how the quality fish meal is made. We have also included the interview of the managing director of the company. We have showcased the market where the fish oil and fish meal is used. We have used rich graphics and high quality voice over to give professional appeal to the video. The final output turned out to be a delightful one for the client.

Infographics Video

Highlighted the Core Ethos of a leading
Real Estate Promoter through a Motion Graphics Video

Langval is a leading real estate promoter who is committed to provide value to customers with their luxury homes. The company is firmly rooted on quality and customer satisfaction. The client wanted to quickly do a video to build trust among their existing and future customers. They wanted the video to appeal to the elite audience. They wanted class, yet a simple video to drive home their core ethos.

We have decided to highlight the experience of owning a Langval Home and created our script around that. We have used complete motion graphics with interesting graphics to drive home the message. We have used sharp cuts to make the video interesting to the viewer. Simple graphics and mild music made the video interesting to watch. The client expressed great satisfaction over the output and appreciated our team for being able to deliver the project before the deadline.

ATS Silver Zone
Video Ad

Created a Quick Video for a
Silver Jewellery Store

ATS is a leading jewellery that specializes in selling silver jewellery, utensils, antiques and other products. They wanted us to do a quick product video to run in their jewellery shop. It is a low budget one too.

As the budget was a big constraint, we couldn’t shoot the sequences. Rather used the available visuals to create an interesting video. We smartly used editing and mixing effects to complete a presentable product video. The client was delighted with the output as we are able to complete the video well in time within the budget.